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for the whole year, too."I just turned 20 at that ti▓me, and I was mainly thinking about w▓ays to let everyone to harvest a little▓ more grain and have a little pocket money," Xi said.Xi led the villagers in digging wells, building terraces and sediment st▓orage dams, and setting up the province's first methane-generating pit.He also invited the village's three blacksmiths, who had been working elsewhere, to come back to set up an iron cooperative."▓Forging the iron could generate some income. Only by making some money could we get things do▓ne."Among some 30,000 young people sent to the Ya▓n'an region from Beijing, Xi was the first to work as a Par▓ty branch secretary at that time. He▓ was awarded a three-wheeled motorcycle by the Beijing municipal government."The motorcycle was useless in the village. It was even impossible to ▓drive it into

the village. Better to ▓exchange it for something practical," Xi recalled.He then went to the agricultural bureau of Yan'an and exchanged the motorcycle for a hand tractor, a flour milling machine, a grain thrower, a rice milling machine and a submers▓ible pump, for villagers.RURAL REFORM IN ZHENGDING▓Reform took an early root in Xi's thinking about gove▓rnance.From 1982 to 1985, Xi served first as deputy se

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